Venice yacht charter: rent a boat in Venice, Italy

In this great resort that looks like an island, you can organize a fantastic vacation traveling the area on a rented yacht. Venice is the most romantic place to visit. The city was built on stilts and instead the usual streets there is a winding network of canals with gondoliers. With many historic buildings built in the Renaissance, Venice is a best choice for everyone who decides to pick Venice Yacht Charter. On a rented boat, you can travel through the Grand Canal and visit places like Palazzo Grassi and the Accademia Bridge.

When you get near to the borders of the resort, you should leave your yacht in the port and go to the shore. The gondolier will take you to the central square of Venice by water channels. There are boutiques of world-famous brands and the main temple of Venice called St. Mark's Cathedral. It is a real architectural miracle. This cathedral was built in Byzantine times. Nearby is the Clock Tower that houses giant bronze figures of the Moors on both side of the giant bell. For many centuries, this bell has been beating every hour. The square houses charming restaurants with delicious cuisine. You can take a meal and drink a dry wine, as well as listen to the famous serenades of local musicians.

Look in the quarters called Murano and Burano where you can view the process of creating stained glass. Local glassblowers in their workshops create art for 7 centuries in a row. Buy an exquisite Venetian mask or a piece of colored glass.

In Venice the yacht rental season lasts mid-spring through mid-autumn. A huge quantity of travelers visit the town in July or August. During this period, there is a huge interest to the charter of yachts. Resting in a steady and calm rhythm in Venice is possible in late spring or early autumn due to sunny weather and less guests.

Venice is a magnificent point to relax on a boat. Pay a visit to this enigmatic and charming city and enjoy its ancient culture, chic views, and romantic atmosphere.

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